Evelyn Waugh Stripe ‘Olive’


Feel the softest handwoven silk around your neck. Inspired by ‘Brideshead Revisited’, the 1945 novel by Evelyn Waugh, this 100% handwoven scarf hints at the herringbones and pinstripes of pre-war tailoring.

Suitable for men or women this scarf is woven on an petrol blue warp with accents of ecru, olive green and maroon, while the weft is woven in a sharp ochre green


Regular:   28cm width x 180cm length approximately

Large:       38cm width x 180cm length approximately

Disclaimer: The product photography has been rendered as accurate as possible in terms of colour. Due to differences in screen resolutions the final colour of the piece may appear different. Should you wish to see the exact colour before you order please contact us to request a sample. 



Handwoven from Chinese silk that is dyed in the North of England, all parts of the manufacturing process are carried out by hand at the Cotswold studio. Between 600 -900 silk threads, depending on the final width of the piece, are individually threaded onto a traditional wooden handloom which is then operated by footpedals to lift threads in a sequence, while the silk weft thread is thrown from left to right and back again by hand. Using this technique each piece will take many hours to complete.

Silk scarves can be handwashed in hand hot water with a gentle detergent, such as Ecover delicate liquid. Do not scrub or wring the fabric. Squeeze out excess water by compressing the wet fabric between the hands and leave to dry naturally. When dry the scarf may be steam ironed. Please contact us if you require more details on how to care for your scarf.

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Regular, Large


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