Sarika wears Pencil Stripe 'Blanchland' variation Sarika wears Pencil Stripe 'Amherst' variation Pencil Stripe 'Euclid' Accent (left) and Pencil Stripe 'Euclid' Variation (right)


Today we catch up with weaver Nick Ozanne, the man behind the luxury brand Leto & Ariadne. He’s an award-winner, a workaholic, and a 1980’s film buff. Like his scarves, he is also something of a timeless piece, full of old-school elegance and charm. We wanted to find out more about Nick’s working life and how he manages his growing business.Colours good enough to eat Pencil Stripe 'Blanchland' Variation

Sarika wears Pencil Stripe 'Beauvert' Variation Click here to read the full article at Bibelot Magazine.